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1. Do you have a phone number I can call?

No—but please don't misunderstand this as any lack of interest! We'd love to answer your questions.

We know the decision to omit phone support is unusual, but after experimenting with different approaches, we've found that starting with email enables us to provide the fastest response. We focus on providing fast and high quality responses by email, so you're always talking to a human that can help first-hand. If it makes sense to jump on the phone once we hear from you, we're happy to do so.

2. Are your software full versions and not upgrade versions? Do you sell upgrade software? Should I have a previous version of product?

We are selling ONLY FULL versions- not upgrades. You don't need to have any previous versions of the software. If you have any other versions already installed (previous ones or upgrades) you need to REMOVE them completely before you start installing our software (to avoid conflicts between different versions of the software.) After un-installing you should also clear the Registry(for PC software) from the corresponding entries.

3. Can I still get updates from the manufacturer's websites?

Yes you can. Our software is full and legal to upgrade if opposite is not mentioned in the instructions which comes with the software. You can also ask our Support team (sales@bluejadeservices.com) about exceptions.

4. What languages is your software supported with?

Standard language is English. (You can ask our Support team for exceptions).

5. Is your software only for home use? How many computers can I install my purchase in?

No, it is depends on the version of the product you purchase. 

6. Is the download time sensitive? Does it expire?

The download is not time sensitive and will not expire on you. You can download the software and use the license key whenever you like.


7. Where do I find my license key??

You will find your license key in an email that you are sent 30 minutes after ordering


8. Why can't I receive any emails from Bluejade Services LLC.?

We do not send 'spam', or unsolicited bulk commercial emails. We do not share your personal information, such as your email address, with any other parties. However, some email services reject our emails like shady due to standard letter subjects. So we recommend you DO NOT sign up to Bluejade Services LLC. services via the following email services: Hotmail and MSN: If you haven’t received mails from us, the reason is most likely Hotmail's 'Junk Mail Filter', which is supposed to block 'spam', or unsolicited bulk email ('junk mail'). Unfortunately, it sometimes blocks even solicited mail including ours. You will certainly find all emails you have missed either in your 'Junk Mail' folder or in the 'Trash' folder. You can either disable the Junk Mail Filter, or add us to the 'Safe List', which is the list of accounts you do not want to be blocked by the Junk Mail Filter. To do so, you need to log in to your Hotmail account. (Select 'Options', then select 'Safe List'.) You may wish to contact Hotmail for assistance. Yahoo: If you are a Yahoo Mail user, please check your Bulk Mail folder. If you find our message in your Bulk Mail folder, open it and click on "Send to Yahoo! for Review" to let them know Deluxe Downloads Ltd. emails are not unsolicited commercial email (spam). If you do not want a Bulk Mail folder at all, go to Mail Preferences. You may wish to contact Yahoo for assistance,(Do not Forget Check You Mail Spam Folder.)



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